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Where Can I Buy Bmw Coolant

Capital BMW has earned a reputation for offering high-quality luxury vehicles in addition to our selection of used and certified pre-owned models. We also take great pride in caring for how your vehicle performs at our state-of-the-art service center. Our auto repair menu includes oil changes, tire rotations, and fluid checks, in addition to brake inspections, battery checks, tire replacements, transmission repairs, and wheel alignments. The certified technicians at our BMW dealership in Tallahassee, FL, also specialize in BMW coolant service

where can i buy bmw coolant

A coolant flush and BMW coolant service is also important because it helps to minimize corrosion that can form due to chemical buildups in the cooling system. Over time, old coolant can become acidic. As a result, this acid will eat away at the aluminum components of the system, including the water pump and rubber hoses. Not detecting this corrosion and waiting to flush your radiator when it needs it can lead to costly repairs down the road.

Our team will inspect the condition of the radiator cap and then perform BMW coolant service that includes a coolant fluid flush so you can enjoy enhanced power and performance on the road. We also check for leaks that could stem from a worn-out radiator hose, a radiator crack, or even a malfunctioning thermostat.

You may also notice a pool of green or orange liquid under your vehicle. This indicates that you have a coolant leak and need BMW coolant service right away. Some drivers also notice a grinding notice under the hood or an odor or steam coming from the engine. If you notice rust bits near the coolant liquid, we recommend scheduling a BMW coolant flush service in Tallahassee, FL, right away.

Does your BMW alert you that coolant needs to be topped up? Something by the lighting up of a symbol in the BMW speedometer instrument? Or by a display in your on-board computer?One thing is certain: Coolant must be topped up? But what do you have to pay attention to? We explain it to you:To choose the right coolant for your BMW, your first port of call should be the vehicle manual of your car. For your BMW, the BMW spare part number of the coolant to be used is stored here in the chapter "Coolant". If you find the BMW part number 83512355290 or BMW 83192211191, this is the reference number for the BMW radiator antifreeze concentrate LC-87.

In addition, there are other BMW coolants. For example, the BMW LC 18 coolant is required for many vehicles from the production date up to June 2018. If you are not sure which BMW coolant is the right one for your vehicle, our customer service is there to help you! Simply contact us via the specified options and quickly get competent advice.

BMW Lifetime Coolant 87 is a coolant concentrate. Radiator antifreeze concentrate should always be mixed with water in a certain ratio for use. The back of the bottle tells you how you should mix the coolant for your BMW:The BMW corrosion protection agent in a mixing ratio of 1:1 mixed with water to ensure cooling at up to -40 degrees. A mixing ratio of 1:1 means that the ready-mixed coolant consists of equal parts, i.e. 50% and 50% coolant concentrate and water.

BMW does not give explicit approvals for the coolants to be used in BMW vehicle models, unlike engine oils with BMW Longlife approvals or transmission oils with approvals such as ATF 3+ for ZF automatic transmissions.In your owner's manual you will find either a reference to a product name or the BMW part numbers, which will guide you to the correct BMW radiator antifreeze coolant.The BMW radiator antifreeze concentrate is colored blue-green.

Keep your cooling system working at its best. BMW only recommends certain coolants because they do not contain nitrites, amines, phosphates, or borates. Off-the-shelf coolant from a local parts chain is usually not compatible with BMW cooling systems and mixing different coolant formulas should be avoided (in a pinch you should use distilled water).

Lead plaintiffs Shelton Oliver, Donnie Backer and Khader Mohiuddin alleged the electric coolant pump in certain BMW vehicles was defective, tending to fail prematurely. The plaintiffs claim the defective BMW coolant pump was a serious problem for owners because it is electric.

Electric coolant pumps, as opposed to mechanical pumps, stop circulating coolant in the vehicle when they fail, the class action lawsuit claimed. When coolant stops circulating, the engine in the affected vehicles overheats, destroying important components and resulting in thousands of dollars in repairs, alleged the plaintiffs.

Eligible out-of-pocket expenses include costs for parts and labor for the replacement of one failed electric engine coolant pump, as well as the thermostat, if replacement occurred either within the first seven years or first 84,000 miles the vehicle was in service. Class Members can claim up to $1,000 reimbursement for these expenses.

Further, BMW has agreed to replace original and replacement electric coolant pumps that fail in vehicles covered by the class action settlement for one year after the settlement becomes effective, regardless of the age or mileage on the vehicle, per the terms of its Limited Warranty Extension.

To Whom It May Concern:I submitted my claim forms on line and supporting documents by certified mail, but on August 10, 2021, I received a letter informing me that my car did not qualify because my car was more than seven years old and mileage of over 84,000 miles at the time the repairs were completed based on the mileage stated on the invoice that was provided, or the mileage at the time the repairs were completed was not provided on the documentation that was submitted.When I submitted my claim form, I sent supporting documents that included invoice from BMW dealer and it was clearly written on the invoice that my mileage at the time of service dated June 22, 2019 was 43,890 miles which is way below 84,000 miles requirement.The information from Oliver v. BMW of North America,LLC website states that reimbursement of up to $1000 for a replacement of a failed electric engine coolant pump and, if also damaged, one electric coolant thermostat, per VIN and per owner/lessee, if the replacement occurred before either the first seven years or 84000 miles from the in service date. Based on that information above, my car should qualify if either ONE of the two conditions occurred, NOT both conditions have to occur as stated on your rejection letter. I am including a copy of the original documents for this case and also the invoice from the dealer when the service was performed.I sent your office the service invoice from BMW three times in the past but you continue to inform me on your rejection letter that the mileage on the invoice is missing. I believe that this refusal on your part to ignore my documents is because your office already made up its mind not to pay me regardless of what I do. I am very disappointed that you are trying to exclude my car from the settlement even though it clearly qualifies based on the second condition (the service was performed before 84,000 miles).

Yes we do, to almost anywhere in the world though remember the postage is often high when shipping anything bulky. Most bulky items we export will go by UPS so you can track the package online and could reach America within 48 hours providing its in stock !

For both yours and our safety we use well known couriers such as DPD Local and UPS for shipping, then we know exactly where it is in the world at any time and we know its going to arrive safely. Shipping small items can be cheap, but items such as bodykits are expensive to ship - we have a very small margin on the postage fees merely to cover packaging. We can now ship using standard post on some items, however using all methods you may incur import charges when you receive the goods for which we cant be responsible for.

High performance vehicles such as BMW models have powerful fuel injected engines that run extremely fast in order to power them. Like in every other car, when the engine runs, it starts to heat up and this heat needs to be taken away from the engine compartment. This helps maintain the temperature in the engine cabin at optimum in order for the car to keep running efficiently. The coolant fluid is responsible for regulating the temperature in the engine compartment. 041b061a72




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