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Asher Cooper
Asher Cooper

[S1E2] Tremor VERIFIED

The Earth "rings" whenever earthquakes strike, just as vibrations moving through a bell creates a ringing sound. The InSight mission will see if tremors cause Mars to chime in with its own planetary song.

[S1E2] Tremor

Peggy becomes an object of desire for the men at Sterling Cooper, while Don tries to keep his private life concealed. Roger takes a particular interest in getting to know Don, the boys take Peggy and Joan to lunch and Betty's hand tremors make her question her mental health.

Kal-El wakes up in his bed, having had a non-restful sleep. A Brainiac drone hovers next to Kal-El's bed, where he and his wife Loana are blearily getting to their feet, and gives him the daily weather report on Krypton while also reminding him that he and his son Van-El have an appointment with Kal-El's father Jor-El later that afternoon. Kal-El tries to start moving around the house to prepare, but he steps in something, and begins to chastise Van about Krypto leaving "presents" inside. Suddenly, the house begins to shake, but no one really notices anything except Kal-El, who is confused. He looks at Brainiac, who simply says that Krypton's Seismic Institute had predicted that minor and completely harmless tremor. Loana manages to pin the distracted Kal-El down and proceeds to give him a kiss...

In Superman's dream, he and Van find themselves at Jor-El's lab. Jor-El is now a tired old man, having spent the last many years rebuilding his reputation after his prediction that Krypton would explode turned out to be false. Yet Kal-El notes that there are a great many tremors still going, and they are increasing. What's more, for one brief moment, Jor-El's voice even changed to Jonathan Kent's. But then finally, he hears a faint voice, a whisper on the wind. "Fight it, Clark." Now, he begins to realize the truth, and in a moment of total heartbreak, he confesses his realization to his imagined son.

They continue the injections on the patient while Chase tries to distract him by directing his attention to Cameron's low-cut blouse. Dan starts having tremors, auditory hallucinations, and double vision.

During a skills lab, a resident named Tess Desmond asked Richard why he was still practicing despite his immense amount of experience. He replied that practice was the key to experience. After Tess said she didn't understand why the other residents weren't taking their job more seriously after everything they had been through to get there, Richard invited her to practice her laparoscopic skills with him. After Tess calmly reassured a patient during rounds, Richard invited her to scrub in with him. As they were scrubbing in, she listed all the steps to the procedure and Richard said he would allow her to perform the procedure, much to her astonishment. However, before she made the first cut, Levi came barging in and announced that Tess was actually his patient, Tess Anderson. She was taken back to her room, where she explained that she had had to let go of her dream of becoming a surgeon after going through four types of cancer in eight years drained her college funds. She just wanted to live her dream for one day. Richard then performed the procedure with Taryn after all. He visited Tess afterward and said his dream of becoming a surgeon was harder than it was for others, too, but he stuck with it. He then revealed he had developed a tremor in his hands, preventing him from operating again, as would any treatment for it. In an attempt to inspire her not to give up on chasing the most beautiful job in the world, he gave her his stethoscope, saying he wouldn't need it anymore.[59]

Catherine continued to watch over him even though he did not recognize her, his cognitive function rapidly declining even further to the point of him being minimally responsive. After a few weeks, Catherine wanted to take Richard home despite his doctors' protest. As they tried to get him in a wheelchair, which angered him, he revealed he had numb extremities. The EMG showed impaired nerve function, which wasn't consistent with the tentative diagnosis of dementia. They then went to do a nerve biopsy but Andrew interrupted the procedure, thinking he had found he diagnosis: cobalt poisoning from his hip replacement three years ago. As cobalt wasn't included in the standard heavy metal panel, Meredith drew another blood sample, which confirmed the diagnosis. Link operated and replaced the hip, removing the toxic sludge from his body. Richard woke up in the ICU after a while with Maggie by his side. He recognized her and answered some questions correctly. His tremor was also gone. Catherine then came in and said she was having nurses bring her a bed so she could spend the night. However, he didn't want her there as he perfectly remembered her not standing by him as he got fired and her buying his hospital just to spite him. He ordered her to get out.[65]

Richard had planned to retire and recommended Preston Burke as his successor, but after the secret of Burke's tremor and cover-up came out, that plan was put to a stand-still. Nevertheless, he has told the hospital board of his retirement and has yet to name his successor; Derek, Preston, Addison, and Mark all eagerly clamoring for the post. Richard eventually chose Derek, but Derek tells him that Richard should remain chief.

Toward the end of the CW superhero drama's season opener, Smallville is rocked by an Earthquake originating from the mines. Clark (Tyler Hoechlin) doesn't have time to investigate the cause, though, because he finds out the Department of Defense has enlisted powered kids as part of its Supermen of American program while saving people and flies off to confront Lt. Mitch Anderson (Ian Bohen). However, the episode returns to the mines in its final moments and reveals tremors were caused by a gloved fist punching up through the ground deep below. 041b061a72




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