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Asher Cooper
Asher Cooper

How to Update the Drivers for Driver Gap Link 802.11 N 150 USB Adapter D

the tp-link archer ax30 802.11ac is like a box of legos that youre free to assemble as you see fit, which is a good thing for a router that doesnt come with a manual or a to-do list. the ax30 has three antennas permanently attached, with more antennas sold separately. most of the time, thats the entire extent of what you need, and you can stay out of the way. our review unit was a bargain at $125 (although the retail version is $159), and the ax30 is often available for that price, especially when you get the router bundled with a power supply and other accessories.

Driver Gap Link 802.11 N 150 USB adapter D

if youre looking for a router with a lot of options, the tp-link archer ax50 802.11ac is a good choice. this three-pack router features a 3-in-1 radio configuration, with three wan antennas and three lan antennas. thanks to the advanced antenna configuration, the ax50 offers multiple wireless connection speeds: 4 gigabits (with the ax50, routers use 4 ghz radios, while phones use 2 ghz radios), 150 megabits, and 450 megabits, with three separate power connections. the router also has a usb 3.0 port, dual-band antennas, and an integrated gigabit ethernet port. the ax50 is one of the first routers to include a usb 3.0 port on the front of the device, which is both more convenient and more secure than the usb 2.0 port on the back. the ax50 also supports a few wi-fi 6e features (such as mesh networking), and it includes a free lifetime subscription to trend micros aiprotection pro service, the same as the rt-ax88u. the ax50 also supports parental controls, and the ax50s built-in security is stronger than the rt-ax88us.




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