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Asher Cooper
Asher Cooper

[S1E3] Left In The Dark Get The Message ##HOT##

Although future novels and comics following The Clone Wars teased that Quinlan Vos was a potential Order 66 survivor, Obi-Wan Kenobi episode 3 confirms that he not only lived, but that he continued his work as a Jedi (albeit more covert). While Obi-Wan is helping young Princess Leia Organa get home after being kidnapped, they find a contact whose connected to The Path, a secret network of agents who aid those on the run from the Empire including the rare Jedi survivor as well as Force-sensitive children. It's also revealed that Quinlan Vos once visited the same hideout Obi-Wan and Leia were taken to, and that he often helps to smuggle younglings out of the Empire's reach and into The Path's care. Kenobi also reads aloud the message Vos left behind on a wall: "Only when the eyes are closed can you truly see". It's a very poignant piece of wisdom considering Quinlan's dark past when he was very much lost, eventually finding his way back to the Jedi despite having fallen.

[S1E3] Left in The Dark Get The Message

As they raced towards the starship that Naberrie and Jinn had come to Tatooine on, Skywalker was suddenly ordered to drop to the ground and complied just as a dark-robed figure, Sith Lord Darth Maul,[6] shot overhead on a speeder. The man leaped at Jinn, drawing a red-bladed lightsaber and attacking the Jedi as Jinn urged Skywalker to get aboard the ship and to take off. He rushed aboard, and Naberrie took him to the cockpit to tell Jinn's apprentice, Obi-Wan Kenobi, what had happened. The pilot Ric Olié followed Kenobi's instructions to fly towards the fight, and Skywalker scrambled into a seat as Kenobi raced to the landing ramp and helped Jinn escape from the dark warrior. Skywalker and Kenobi rushed to help Jinn as the ship took off and left Tatooine. When they were convinced Qui-Gon was fine, the Jedi master introduced Obi-Wan to Anakin, who was happy to meet another Jedi.[6]

As the enormous tank burst completely, flooding Am'balaar City, Vader crushed Infil'a's throat with the Force and tossed his body into the wreckage below.[209] After obtaining a Jedi lightsaber and the kyber crystal within, Vader reboarded his ship, whereupon the droid co-pilot seized control of the vessel and jumped to hyperspace. The droid then began to play a pre-recorded message from the Emperor to Vader. The message stated that, per the Emperor's instructions, the droid had plotted a course to the planet Mustafar, where Vader would find a dark-side locus which he could use to help him corrupt the kyber crystal. As the message concluded, Vader touched down on Mustafar and quickly found the locus the Emperor had spoken of, an ancient Sith shrine within a shallow cavern. There, he disassembled Infil'a's lightsaber on a small, flat rock formation and removed the kyber crystal.[206]

Meanwhile, Nate runs into Marcus while he's on a run. Marcus happens to mention that Catherine is attending the party too and that she has become fast friends with Blair. When Marcus is gone, Nate calls Vanessa and lies over voicemail that he isn't going to Blair's anymore due to family issues. At the loft, Vanessa fills Rufus in on Nate's mysteriousness. Dan then emerges from his room and Vanessa tells him to leave first and that she'll see him there. He leaves and Rufus suggests that Vanessa call Nate and ask what's going on; or pretend she forgot her phone at the gallery and act like she never got his message. At the Waldorf's, Chuck attempts to seduce Blair and almost succeeds. However, she catches on and walks away. At the VDW's, Dan arrives to pick up Serena and they act awkwardly around one another. On their way to the elevator, the lights begin to flicker. Back at the Waldorf's, Nate arrives and confronts Blair about setting Vanessa up. She doesn't deny it and then Catherine appears. She pulls Nate aside and informs him that she doesn't like sharing her toys especially when she paid for them. She takes his hand, which Vanessa witnesses; and then puts together just as the penthouse goes dark. Nate tries to follow Vanessa while Blair tries to calm everyone down. Back at the VDW's, Dan and Serena get stuck in the elevator and at Waldorf Designs', Jenny gets stuck in the dark.

Claudia asks Jonas what the God Particle is, and he tells her it is what was leftover from the catastrophe. She asks what the machine they see next to it is, and Jonas mentions the passage no longer exists, but if he figures out how the God Particle works, he could go back in time to save Martha and Mikkel. Jonas asks how she had found him, but Claudia asks for the apparatus which needed dark matter. Jonas asks if she has it, and is taken to the time machine, which Claudia mentions does not work. Claudia mentions that they brought dark matter into the passage again, and so the variables in the equation had changed, but Jonas loses his temper and shouts he cannot wait 33 years to try again. He asks himself why older Claudia had never told him anything, knowing Martha would die and wonders why he should trust middle-aged Claudia. She tells him that she knows what the material at the power plant is, and can help him save Martha and everybody else.

By the time they reach the body it is full dark, Evelyn is dead, and wolves are beginning the circle the corpse. Kayce is left to defend her from the animals with a small knife. He plants his feet and screams when John arrives and shines a flashlight on him, the terrible knowledge of his wife's fate playing across his stoic face. 041b061a72




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