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Asher Cooper

Holster Weapon Mass Effect 2 Pc

Building on spaceman20290's ( ) mod for ME3 that allows holstering a few fairly quick coalesced edits allow you and your squad to holster your weapons in Mass Effect 3 Legendary Edition.Page up and page down allow for switching between 'combat' mode with rifles raised and exploration mo

holster weapon mass effect 2 pc

But mass effect last gen was rated as a Star Wars beater. Bioware a stamp of quality. In previous games you rarely felt inundated with mundane things to do. Now it's the whole game! This wasn't meant to be a so so game with even worse scanning than me2, enemies ripped from Halo, weird eyeballs and a lazy B movie Sci-fi plot. That's why a lot of people are annoyed.

I don't know if this is actually a bug, or if the game was designed this way, but it is really annoying that apparently my suit is the one who decides when my weapon should be holstered and not me the player ?

Well at least for the PC gamer, there is a huge difference between the way your character moves with / without the weapon holstered, with the weapon drawn your "facing" is much more precise and easier to aim and direct.

The only major hurdle to using this weapon effectively is getting out of the habit of letting the shotgun spread make-up for sloppy aim. With no spread to speak of that tactic simply cannot work with the N7 Crusader.

Another unique option as this grenade launcher gets most of its value from tick damage of an AoE pool left under the target. With the catalyst this gun gets access to auto loading holster, a top tier perk for DPS. Due to some interactions it is recommended only one person in your group utilizes this weapon as the impact and tick damage may not be counted if multiple of this weapon are being used.

These are a weaker version of Auto-Loading holster as they progressively load a holstered weapon over a longer period of time, but are still extremely useful for snipers, linear fusion rifles, and other weapons without auto-loading holster.

Finally, Blabbermouth is a talent that affects your other weapons. While the Chatterbox Exotic SMG is holstered, reloading with your equipped weapon within 5-seconds after a kill grants a 20% boost to the rate of fire for 10-seconds.

Brutality is another talent that applies other weapons while Merciless is holstered. Landing a shot with your equipped weapon has a 5% chance to deal +20% damage as explosive damage. 5% may seem small, but if you're rocking an SMG or LMG alongside the Merciless, that 5% chance will trigger consistently. You can acquire this fierce double-shot rifle with our Division 2 Merciless (opens in new tab) guide.

Thing is, any sane player you're fighting - or AI enemy - would instantly leave the area, taking minimal damage. Pestilence, the secondary effect, sounds powerful in PvP fights but when the only way to get it is to use Pestilence as your main weapon? No thank you. If you want to get Pestilence for yourself to see just how bad it really is, you can find that information in our complete Division 2 Pestilence (opens in new tab) guide.

If you've got the Eagle Bearer holstered - though I'm not sure why you'd want to do that - you'll have a persistent +10% bonus armor whenever you're firing your equipped weapon. This means the Eagle Bearer is a very intriguing weapon indeed.

For gamers who value realism and cannot accept the fact that they're carrying a ton of invisible weapons in their pockets, they should check out Wasteland Tactical - Visible Weapons On Packs. This cool mod lets players holster weapons directly onto a backpack for a little more rugged realism.

This mod changes the key binding in Mass Effect 3 to allow the player to load Shepards' game state from combat mode (standard mode during missions in Mass Effect 3, with weapons deployed) to exploration mode (with weapons holstered in their specific spots on the player). This way, Shepard can run around without pointing his gun at allies.

Conversely, talking to people with your weapon holstered will earn you good karma. To holster your weapon, hold down the H key. Some characters have lines of dialogue recorded especially for a player who approaches with their gun lowered. If something feels like it's the right thing to do, it probably is. But your mileage here may very depending on your own moral compass. 350c69d7ab




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